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LAVA CAST IRON Rectangular Pan 22 X 30 Cm - Orange Colour

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Manufactured in Turkey

Rectangular Pan               
Dimension : 22 x 30cm
Capacity : 2.54 Litre
Color : Orange
Material / Finishing : Enamelled Cast Iron 3 Coat, 2 Fire
Material Thickness : Bottom 5mm, Edges 3mm
Portion : 6-8
- Easy To Clean
- Suitable For All Cooker and Oven Types Except Microwave
- Cooks Delicious
- Eco-Friendly
- Keep Hot as Hot, Cold as Cold


LAVA enamel cast iron pots and pans are manufactured in LAVA facilities in Eskişehir through 40 years of experience and knowledge and the most advanced casting and enamelling technology in Turkey and in the region. Each items are controlled manually for many times during production to ensure full compliance with quality standards.  All enamels used by LAVA comply with applicable International Standards. While scrap and low-quality iron is used in the production of Far East-made cast pots and pans, LAVA enamel cast iron cooking range are made of the highest quality cast iron in the world.


First of all, a good cast iron cookware should be quite heavy. They should have thick base as the cast  iron absorbs more heat when is thicker. They are designed to meet equal cooking degree from all points of cooking area.


No other cookware materials can make food taste better than cast iron cooking. LAVA enamelled cast iron  pots and pans have 5mm thick base are made to meet equal cooking heating degree within the whole surface which also keep all the goodness of the nutrition's of the food to create culinary dishes for you to serve.


While traditional cast iron cookware is still essential part of any trade kitchens, the majority of chefs prefer the enamelled version. Enamelled cast iron cookware is more durable, safer and easier to clean. It won't rust and it's non-stick. LAVA's highest quality liquid enamelled coated cast iron cookware range doesn't need seasoning whereas traditional cast irons need to be seasoned before cooking.


Lava cast iron pots and pans are the most compatible medium with human  and environment. The world’s highest quality cast iron and fit for the international standards enamel, combine at Ferrotechnic licensed Lava facilities. Contains no harmful additives.


The secret of delicious and healthy cooking is not to allow anything mix to the nature’s unique tastes presented to humans. They does not interact with food. The channels in specially design lids collects the steam that produced during the cooking and return it to the food. Thus, nutritional value is preserved.


It defies years. It is known the most durable cookware. To past the same tastes from generation to generation with a healthy way is called LAVA.



From soups to roasts, to cake and bread, there is a LAVA which cooks all meals easily with a unique taste. On cast iron, stove, oven or if you like on directly fire, LAVA is suitable for all cooking techniques. As the heat spread evenly, meals like stew, casserole and olive oil
dishes that require long cooking on low heat, has an excellent results. The meats cook on cast iron tastes like barbecue and the vegetables like embers.


Weight comes from the quality of the cast iron. It is heavy on load but ideal for light and healthy flavors. Can be used on all heat sources and easily washed in the dishwasher.


This LAVA is manufactured in Turkey from cast iron and liquid enamel with high standards and advanced technology.

They are pre-seasoned and no need to be seasoned each time you start cooking.

The LAVA Cast Iron

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