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Bodega Matarromera


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bodega matarromera

Country :Spain

Region : Ribera Del Duero
Type : Red
Year : 2013
Volume : 75 cl

WINE MAKER TASTING NOTES : Matarromera Reserva has an intense colour in which its bluish notes do not go unnoticed. Bouquets of ripe black fruits, with clear mineral notes typical of calcareous soils. In addition, slight cocoa notes accompany the experience of smelling a Matarromera Reserva, with spices and balsamic hints. In its first years of life, dark chocolate sensations can be detected on the palate that will evolve into new leather and pipe notes. It is an exclusive wine, a unique wine that perfectly represents the properties of a saga of iconic wines. 

ABOUT THE WINERY : Matarromera Essence is the result of the enthusiasm, commitment, and patience of its creator Carlos Moro. In his words: 'Wineries have to be flexible, dynamic and modern companies, but without losing the essence of what we have treasured all through our lives'. His constant quest for excellence required adapting the facilities in order to guarantee a bright future. This is how the ambitious challenge of expanding and renovating the emblematic Matarromera winery began in 2018, backed by the commitment to respect its values in order to continue leading the future based on respect for its essence. For the Matarromera Essence. The materials have their own expressive notes, the local stone and the humble brick bring us closer to tradition and establish deep-rooted ties with the environment; galvanised steel and oak unmistakably transport us to the patient world of wine; and finally, concrete conveys the idea of strength, tenacity, and continuity. The different areas are not treated as mere places, they are areas that speak to us, areas that are felt, areas that are experienced and that are deeply impregnated with the authenticity of Matarromera. The innovation and differentiation come from the artistic facilities developed in certain areas of the complex. The 'Jardín Varietal' (Variety Garden) with its pathways of light that will lead us to the four grown varieties. The 'Plaza de la Balconada' (Balcony Square) with its small 'riprap', a place for looking out over the sea of vineyards. The staircase leading to the upper floor of the wine tourism module with its terroir and ageing mural. The access monoliths act as ancient pylons. The 'Sala de los Insignes' (Hall of Fame) is a way of acknowledging and highlighting the value of the people who make the world around us better. 'El Legado' (The Legacy) is an area for going deeper into the inheritance received and that has to be conveyed.

TERROIR : In the municipality of Valbuena de Duero, in Valladolid. The Ribera del Duero area is formed by an ancient, levelled bedrock covered in tertiary and quaternary sediments around most of the basin. These sediments are mainly silty or clayey sand alternating with limestone and marl layers, as well as calcareous concretions. These sediments were deposited during the Miocene period (about ten million years ago) in rivers and lakes. The valley beds are occupied, in turn, by very recent sediments: mainly gravel and sand, which are laid out in terraces or extensive floodplains on the sides of the baseflows. The region is dominated by the Tempranillo grape variety, perfect for its cultivation, not only in the privileged orography of the area, but also in its continental weather characterised by cold winters and hot summers. The types of vine cultivation in Matarromera are carried out through the tying and goblet methods. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Albillo are grown in addition to Tempranillo. Vineyard work requires many tasks to be performed throughout the year. Cluster thinning, pollarding, summer pruning and preventive treatments, to name but a few. But the two essential field tasks are winter pruning and harvesting.